Time Flies When Having Fun
Wowsers has it been a long while since I updated this page!
I blame facebook. Maybe the biggest time suck in the history of the internet, tongue
Many pages here need updating including the Menu and its Prices.
Until then the only set of current prices are posted at the Lanes and in the Kitchen.
See you soon, smile
Posted on 7 Nov 2014 2:08 PM by Wade
Bowlers of the Month for September 2012
Our first roll-off of the season was held on lanes 7 & 8 last Saturday and the top two scorers have been invited to the season ending tournament. Congratulations!

1st - Tiffany Ferro, 593, $30.00
2nd - Alisha Ferro-May, 568
3rd - Mikey Henderson, 565
Posted on 20 Oct 2012 6:28 PM by Wade
Monte Carlo - we'll try again next month
We have scheduled the first Monte Carlo of the season on October 20th. It will start at 7 pm as usual assuming there are enough sign-ups by Friday night to prevent it from being cancelled.

The suggestion box is open if you have any fun ideas we could try this year.

EDIT: due to insufficient sign-ups we were forced to keep Monte Carlo on hiatus. We will try again next month; stay tuned for details!
Posted on 4 Oct 2012 12:47 PM by Wade
Bowlers of the Month Schedule
The Bowlers of the Month roll-offs have been scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of each month.

The first one this season is on October 13th.

Posted on 4 Oct 2012 12:44 PM by Wade
Reno 2013 update
#1 - Our dates and times for Reno 2013 are set.
We bowl Team at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, June 18, 2013.
We bowl Doubles & Singles at 10:30 pm on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.
#2 - The USBC has added a 2% registration charge this year which bumps the entry fee up to $183.60.
Posted on 4 Oct 2012 12:41 PM by Wade
Baton Rouge Results
Prize Checks have arrived from our trip to Louisiana. 14 out of 20 people won some money and the Forks teams went 10 for 10! Yippee!
Good job everybuddy. Prize Checks are at the bowling alley.
p.s. Reno 2013 entry fees are past due. Your $180 is needed BEFORE we can sign up this year.
Posted on 11 Aug 2012 5:47 PM by Wade
Bowler of the Year Tournament
Well it took a while to gather everyones schedules before we could hold the big Finale for this season's Bowlers of the Months. Eventually we found a day that didn't conflict with anything else and the tournament was set for June 28th at 6 pm.

After 3 games bowled across 3 pairs of lanes we were able to cut to the top 4 who were seeded into the Semi's based on these scores:
1. Kathy Fultz, 704
2. Tina Joseph. 687
3. Theresa Wentworth, 616
4. Mickie Springer, 608

#1 seed Kathy defeated #4 seed Mickie by handicap scores of 241 to 203.
#3 seed Theresa defeated #2 seed Tina by handicap scores of 224 to 190.

The closest match in tournament history was a nail-biter for both contestants as well as the spectators.
Both women were slightly below average and the lead literally changed with every ball rolled in the last few frames.
After all of that drama we almost needed to go to a tie breaker!
Finale scores with handicap:
#3 seed, Theresa Wentworth, 190 defeated #1 seed, Kathy Fultz, 189.

Congratulations to Theresa Wentworth for winning Bowler of the Year for 2011-2012! She is the 3rd woman winner in a row and the 4th in the 10 year history of the event.
Posted on 27 Jul 2012 6:39 PM by Wade
April Roll-Off
Here are the results of the April Roll-Off held 05/12/12:

1st - Mickie Springer, 669, $25
2nd - Theresa Wentworth, 660, $13

Mickie and Theresa are the final two entrants to qualify for the season ending tournament!
Posted on 27 Jul 2012 6:08 PM by Wade
March Roll-Off
Youth was served!

The Bowlers of the Month had their Roll-off on 04/14/12 and a couple of high-schoolers came out on top for March!

1st - Jarrod King, 671, $25
2nd - Skyler Brandt, 667, $17

We will see Jarrod and Skyler at the Bowler of the Year event in a couple of months.
Posted on 27 Jul 2012 6:06 PM by Wade
February Roll-Off
Here are the results of the Roll-Off held on 03/10/12:

1st - Matt Fultz, 680, $30
2nd - Kristina Currie, 651, $26

Matt and Kris are now invited to the end of season tournament!
Posted on 27 Jul 2012 6:04 PM by Wade
January Roll-off
Okay, so before you ask, let me just start off by saying I know this should have been posted forever ago. I haven't used Internet Explorer in a long time and since I forgot to add a link to this news feed in Google Chrome it has been slipping my mind to update the bowling news. Anyways.....

The January Roll-Off for the Bowlers of the Month was held 02/11/12 and here are the results:

1st - Jake Norstrom, 701, $30
2nd - Bill Gillett, 632, $26

Jake And Bill have now qualified for the Bowler of the Year roll-off at seasons end.
Posted on 27 Jul 2012 6:02 PM by Wade
Bowlers of the Month for December
Here are the results for the December Bowlers of the month Roll-off held at 7 pm on 01/14/12.

1st - Kim Hallenbeck, 676, $28
The top two scorers who qualified for the Bowler of the Year Roll-Off to be held in May are Nate Bingham, 580, and Harold Earley, 575.
Posted on 6 Feb 2012 4:16 PM by Wade
Bowlers of the Month for November
Here are the results of the latest Roll-Off for BotM for November held at 6:45 pm on Dec. 9th:

1st - Tina Joseph, 738, $25
2nd - Kevin Kettel, 660, $10
3rd - Theresa Wentworth, 653

Tina and Kevin are now added to the wall as qualifiers for the Bowler of the Year tournament to be held this May. Way to go! laughing
Posted on 9 Dec 2011 11:38 PM by Wade
Bowlers of the Month for October
The results are just in and it looks like 2011-2012 may belong to the women. The October Roll-off was held at 6:45 on 11/11/11:

1st - Deana Rogers, 722, $29 and qualified for Bowler of the Year
2nd - Kim Hallenbeck, 671, $20 and qualified for Bowler of the Year

So far this season we have 4 bowlers qualified for the Bowler of the Year tournament this May and all 4 qualifiers are women!
Posted on 11 Nov 2011 9:42 PM by Wade
Bowlers of the Month for September
Here are the results (finally) for last months roll-off.

1st - Alissa Kilmer, 645, $25.00 and qualified for Bowler of the Year in May
2nd - Kathy Fultz, 635, qualified for Bowler of the Year in May

Monthly roll-offs are held on the 2nd Friday of the following month. Bowlers of the Week are notified during league that they are eligible for the next roll-off.
Posted on 9 Nov 2011 11:08 PM by Wade
St Jude Strike-a-thon
A very big Thank You to some wonderful fundraisers! We collected nearly $400 to send to St Jude.
High score in the Strike-a-thon was Terri Rasmussen who bowled an unbeleivable total of 929 with handicap. Wow, was she ever on fire!
Most funds raised was by Mandy Cantwell. That was an outstanding effort to benefit a great cause!
If you would still like to participate in this year's event please drop by the Lanes and talk to Wade. We are going to be able to run a Second Chance fundraiser really soon. (date and time are yet to be determined.)
Posted on 21 Oct 2011 10:06 PM by Wade
St Jude Strike-a-thon
Sunset Lanes is hosting a fundraiser Saturday, Oct. 15th, in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
The event is a Strike-a-thon where each bowler bowls three games of No-Tap and No-Split. That means if they leave one pin or a split on their first ball of a frame they will record a strike instead.
Sponsor forms (pledge sheets) are available at front desk and participants can win up to three prizes for collecting donations.
Sunset Lanes and Wade's Pro Shop are also donating $5 per participant to the charity as well as a couple of special prizes to the participants.
More information about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital can be found at www.stjude.org
Posted on 12 Oct 2011 12:39 PM by Wade
Teammates Wanted:
There are still a couple of teams looking for a new teammate to bowl with them this season. Drop by the lanes and talk to Wade for more info. If you have some friends that you would like to start a new team with, then stop by and we will figure out which league works best for you. smile
Posted on 24 Sep 2011 4:21 PM by Wade
New Bowling Season has BEGUN
Yep, the 2011-2012 bowling season has begun!
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday leagues always start right after Labor Day each year.
Monday and Friday leagues begin the following week.
There's still time to sign up a new team or be added to an old team but you need to hurry before everything fills up! tongue
Posted on 8 Sep 2011 12:43 PM by Wade
Bowler of the Year Tournament
Well another bowling season is in the books. The season ending Bowler of the Year Tournament was held on Friday, the 13th of May, and here are the result. (All scores include handicap.)

Tina Joseph, 679, #1 seed
Kristina Currie, 662, #2 seed
Kevin Kettel, 647, #3 seed
Mike Jacobson, 638, #4 seed

Tina Joseph defeated Mike Jacobson, 218 to 195
Kevin Kettel defeated Kristina Currie, 202 to 185

Tina Joseph defeated Kevin Kettel, 229 to 212.

Prize Money:
Tina, $55
Kevin, $35
Mike, $25
Kristina, $25

Tina Joseph is now our reigning Bowler of the Year. She is the 3rd woman to win in the 9 years that the tournament has been held. Congratulations and excellent bowling, Tina!
Posted on 13 May 2011 10:33 PM by Wade
BOTM April Roll-Off
Here are the results of the last monthly bowl-off for this season (held at 6:45 pm on 05/06/11)
1st - Terri Rasmussen, 671, $25.00
2nd - Mike Jacobson, 633, $12.00
Terri and Mike have qualified for the BOTY this coming Friday at 7 pm!
Posted on 6 May 2011 8:40 PM by Wade
Bowler of the Year Tournament
This season's Bowler of the Year Tournament will start at 7 pm on Friday, May 13th, at Sunset Lanes. All of the Bowlers of the Month and Runners-up for the season (including the April winners from May 6th) are asked to attend this End-of-Year event. The entry fee of $10.00 is returned 100% as prize money to the top four bowlers. The Quarter-finals are 3 games across 3 pairs of lanes. Top 4 scores with handicap move on. Semi-finals are two head to head matches amongst the top 4. Winners of those handicapped matches advance to the Finale for Bowler of the Year! Spectators are welcome to root for their favorites. See you here!
Posted on 3 May 2011 2:56 PM by Wade
Dave Allen met this guy ...
While traveling one time Dave met the North American champion Tea drinker. It was up in Canada that he met Chief Running Water when he watched the North American Tea Drinking Championships. Chief Running Water drank 44 cups to win the title that year. Sadly, the next morning, he was found dead. He had drowned in his tea-pee. He is survived by his darling daughters Hot and Cold, and his son Luke-warm. laughing
Posted on 7 Apr 2011 4:07 PM by Wade
Spring League
The schedule for this year's Spring League is set. It will be held for 8 weeks on Thursdays at 7 pm starting on May 5th. We will skip the week of June 16th and finish up on June 30th. This league is open to Youths and Adults, any combination of ages and genders. Team size will be determined on the first night based on number of league entries. Bowling instruction is provided to all league members. Weekly bowling fee is $10 for 4 games with an optional prize fee for handicap high pots for adults. Sign up today at Sunset Lanes in Forks, Washington.
Posted on 1 Apr 2011 6:37 PM by Wade
BOTM March Roll-Off
The Bowlers of the Month for March Roll-Off was held at 6:45 pm on Friday, April 8th and the winner was Tina Joseph with a score of 656. The prize money was "winner take all"; congrats to Tina!
The top 2 scores to qualify for Bowler of the Year were Katie Rogers, 652, and Kevin Kettel, 610. The Bowler of the Year Tourney will be on Friday, May 13th, at 7:00 pm!
Posted on 1 Apr 2011 6:26 PM by Wade
One-Game Tournament Results
There were some great games bowled here at Sunset Lanes on March 13th.
In the Mens Division 1st place went to Mike Jacobson who bowled an 841 game (with bonuses and penalties and handicap he totaled 1111!) 2nd place went to Larry Scroggins who rolled 846 (plus his bonuses, penalties and handicap he totaled 1030.) Larry and Mike bowled the 2nd and 3rd highest games in the history the tournament!
In the Womens Division 1st place went to Kristina Currie who bowled an 828 game (the highest ever for a women in this event) for a total of 1106 including bonuses, penalties and handicap (also a new womens record!)
Over all, 10 of the 11 entrants ended up winning between $5.13 and $63.27 for their efforts. Better luck next year, Bill. tongue
Posted on 13 Mar 2011 5:16 PM by Wade
BOTM Feb. Roll-Off
Results for Bowlers of the Month Roll-Off for February which was held at 7 pm on 03/11/11:
1st - Ernie Penn, 704, $30.00
2nd - Theresa Wentworth, 682, $20.00
3rd - Mike Jacobson, 639
3rd - Kim Hallenbeck, 639
Ernie and Theresa are now qualified for the BOTY this May!
Posted on 11 Mar 2011 11:01 PM by Wade
Next Tournamnent is Scheduled
The 8th annual One-Game Tourny is set for Sunday, March 13th at 2:00 pm.
The One-Gamer is 40 frames long with all sorts of interesting objectives. There are No-Tap frames, Do-Over frames, bonuses, penalties, and NINE chances to win prize money. Entry fee is still just $30 and bowlers are separated by gender. Tourny is open to USBC members only and is limited to the first 32 paid entrants!
Posted on 21 Feb 2011 4:53 PM by Wade
Valentines Mixed Doubles Results
The results are in! Thank you to all who participated. There were 12 winners who bowled either a "14" or a strike on a red head pin.
Doubles, B Division:
1st - Carla Ides & Johnny Ides, 1500 total, $56.00, 2nd - Paislee Gilstrap & Kenny Daman, 1486, $40.00
Doubles, O Division:
1st - Kathy Fultz & Matt Fultz, 1416, $48.00
Singles, F Division:
1st - Kathy Fultz, 792, $28.00, 2nd - Sandra Lyons, 775, $20.00
Singles, M Division:
1st - Mike Jacobson, 787, $28.00, 2nd - Johnny Ides, 771, $20.00
High Series of bowlers who didn't enter the optional Singles event: Paislee Gilstrap, 811. Nice Bowling!
Posted on 13 Feb 2011 6:28 PM by Wade
BOTM Jan. Roll-Off
The results of the Roll-off held at 7 pm on 2/11/11 for January Bowlers of the Month are:
1st - Tina Joseph, 684, $30.00 prize money
2nd - Ray Buchmann, 661, $20.00
Tina and Ray have now qualified for the Bowler of the Year Tournament in May!
Posted on 11 Feb 2011 10:43 PM by Wade
Nice Bowling!
Harold Earley bowled a nice 269 game during Thursday PM Mixed league using his new Natural Pearl bowling ball by Storm. He beat his average by 104 pins. He added a 235 game to finish the night with a 674 series! Nice going! laughing
Posted on 10 Feb 2011 9:28 PM by Wade
December Bowlers of the Month
The Roll-off for Bowlers of the Month of December was held at 6:45 pm Jan. 14th. The results are:
1st place: Carla Ides, 672, $25.00
2nd place: Johnny Ides, 597, $12.00
Carla & Johnny both have now qualified for the Bowlers of the Year tourny in May!
Posted on 14 Jan 2011 9:39 PM by Wade
Valentine's Tourny
This year's Valentine's Mixed Doubles tournament will be held on Sunday, February 13th, at Sunset Lanes.
The Format is unchanged: mixed doubles teams bowl 4 games and throw out their lowest score. Their 3 good games and handicap are added together; the best combined score wins!
All players also receive FREE strikes in every 3rd, 6th, and 9th frames!
Entry fee is $14 per person for doubles.
Optional entry fee of $6 for "Mixed Singles" side pot.
The tournament will start at 2:13 pm on 2/13!
Posted on 12 Jan 2011 4:54 PM by Wade
New Year's Eve Party
This year's party was a real hoot. i hope everyone had as much fun as i had. If anyone would like to share any pictures from the festivities, I will either post them here or on Facebook. Thanks! tongue
Posted on 1 Jan 2011 6:48 PM by Wade
Forks City Tournament Results
Congratulations to this season's City Champions:
Open Team: The Kerosene Lamp Antiques; Mixed Team: Chudabin Dazzled
Open Doubles: Ron Johanson & Joe Korst; Mixed Doubles: Sharon Keil & Mike Jacobson
Open Singles: Wade McCoy; Women's Singles: Sharon Keil
Open All Events: Jim Leppell; Women's All Events: Terri Rasmussen
Thank you to all who entered the tourny. All of my tournaments are held for the bowlers benefit, not mine.
It was my pleasure to donate all of my individual winnings back into the prize fund. See you at the next tourny.
Posted on 1 Jan 2011 6:43 PM by Wade
Uncle Floyd has a super night!
Congrats to Floyd McCoy for bowling a 257 game and 664 series last Tuesday night during league. Way to go!
Posted on 16 Dec 2010 2:06 PM by Wade
BOTM Roll-Off
Bowlers of the Month Roll-Off for November was Dec. 10th.
1st - Jim Leppell, 713 series, $25 prize money
2nd - Chuck Bos, 712 series, $20
3rd - Jim Springer, 680 series, $15
Jim Leppell and Chuck Bos get to add their names to the Bowler of the Year Tournament this May.
Posted on 10 Dec 2010 9:42 PM by Wade
Nice Game
Congrats to Carla Ides who bowled a personal best game of 190 which included a nice string of four strikes in a row! smile
Posted on 9 Dec 2010 9:59 PM by Wade
Forks City Tournament Entry Forms
Entry Forms for this season's Forks City Tournament are now available at the front counter.
The tourny runs Dec. 24 through 30th.
The tourny has an exciting new format. Each event is now just one game long and each event is bowled in consecutive games meaning that once you bowl one night you will have entered Team Event, Doubles, Singles and All Events.
The entry fee is only $40 per person which covers all bowling fees plus four prize fees. Multiple participation is still available and special prizes will be set aside for people who bowl more than once. tongue
Posted on 7 Dec 2010 10:47 PM by Wade
New Year's Eve Party
The sign up sheet for this year's party is at the front desk and has openings. As usual, preference is given to party goers who were in attendance last year. There will be 2 major changes to this year's party.
First, the process for entering each game will be tweaked so as to reduce the down time between games. Secondly, smoking breaks will only take place on the sidewalk out front and only if a bowler is sitting out for a game. Other party customs will be the same (doors will be locked, drunks will be sent home, snacks will be potluck.)
Posted on 6 Dec 2010 4:31 PM by Wade
Website Work in Progress
In case you haven't noticed yet, many of the features of this site are now working! Yippee! Many thanks to Darel. smile
Posted on 4 Dec 2010 5:40 PM by Wade
Honor Roll Score
Congrats to Jacob Norstrom for adding his name to the Honor Roll. He bowled a 290 game Thursday Night in league using his new Track 920T. Way to go! laughing
Posted on 4 Dec 2010 5:33 PM by Wade
City Tournament
Begins December 24th through the 30th. sign up now at the bowling alley!
Posted on 24 Nov 2010 2:29 PM by Wade
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